When we ran the numbers for ecommerce performance from Q2 2015 uncovered a host of interesting, surprising, and just-plain confounding trends.

Our job isn’t to only keep the stats interesting, surprising, or confounding, however. Our job is to parse the data and figure out what it all means. In this post, we break down what is going on with mobile bounce rates. 

Mobile bounce rate.

Although many metrics improved in Q2 2015, mobile ecommerce bounce rate was not one of them. The overall bounce rate benchmark was 31.3%—right where it was in Q1—which was the highest bounce rate we saw in the previous 15 months.

So this ain’t good news. As we said in the EQ:

“You might be thinking, ‘Well, as mobile traffic increases, bounce rate is sure to increase.’ And you might be right. Smartphone users bounce at a far greater rate (39.95% in Q2) than desktop (28.79%) or tablet users (28.41%), so their influence is being felt to a greater extent.
“But when we looked at device data, smartphone users aren’t really the culprit when it comes to the trend of increasing bounce rates. It’s desktop users.”

Now we’re not saying mobile bounce rate is great, it’s just staying fairly constant. Here’s the overall device breakdown:

Mobile bounce rates on smartphones, desktops, and tablets

It’s lookin’ good across the pond.

For our first-ever UK Spotlight, we took a look at the business results in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Mobile ecommerce has been killin’ it over there lately.

  • Between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015, the percentage of ecommerce traffic originating from smartphones jumped from 18.26% to 30.54%.
  • Conversion rates skyrocketed from 0.56% to 1.5%
  • Average order values went from $63.55 to $94.15

Cool charts and graphs.

Traffic from mobile channels (tablets and smartphones):

Mobile Traffic by Quarter

Conversion rate by device
(tablets and smartphones):

Conversion rate by device

Add-to-cart rate by device
(tablets and smartphones):

Add to Cart Rates

Average order value by device
(tablets and smartphones):

AOV per device

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