I can’t think of a better way to announce my new full-time role as CMO of Monetate than with the unveiling of our all-new branding and website. But before I tell the story of our new visual identity, there are two things you should know about me right away: I consider myself a builder and I value candor in leadership above most other qualities.

In the spirit of both building and candor, when I joined Monetate as a consultant a few months ago, I realized immediately that our brand identity was no longer reflective of our forward-looking team, product, and roadmap — not to mention cutting-edge B2C brand customers.

It was a huge contrast to the impressive technology platform the team at Monetate has built and the truly exceptional work our services team is doing with the world’s leading retailers. This disconnect between our brand presence and our technical execution activated what I call my “builder gene” right away; it’s one of the reasons I leapt (in heels) toward this opportunity with Monetate.

Although we’re in our 11th year as a company, our startup roots and deep well of in-house talent are driving innovation after innovation: in just one example, we’re creating the world’s very first personalization exchange to programmatically power true 1:1 personalization and solve the cold start problem for brands.

Introducing the New Look for Monetate

That’s why I’m excited to introduce our new logo, palette, and brand identity here. Not (just) because Monetate is going to be more visually appealing. Because every step of this rebranding was inspired by my colleagues, our customers, and a clear vision for the future of personalization.

Our new logo is modern and approachable. The colors and our supporting palette are not only friendly, they were selected to be reflective of our target demographic and their customers in the B2C space. It was particularly important to me that our brand feel inclusive, rather than a traditionally masculine technology company. We pushed our designers to be unafraid to use colors that have stereotypically been avoided in the technology space.


You’re Invited to Participate in the New Monetate

My ask is that you share feedback on our new branding and website with me. We’re really serious about our mission to help retailers thrive in an era of change and instability. And we’re equally serious about building the technology that delivers exceptional personalized experiences for shoppers. Our brand is ever-evolving because, just like our customers, our marketing team must continually test and optimize and learn.

I can’t wait to hear from you, and I’m so excited to be one part of the new Monetate brand story.

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