If there’s one thing that can be said of customers today, it’s that they have choices and they know it. They might enjoy the power that comes with that, but sometimes the number of options afforded by a competitive marketplace can make for an overwhelming experience. That’s why product recommendations have become such an important part of the customer journey: they give customers some much-needed guidance in a sea of choices, and they allow brands a chance to curate their offerings with specific business goals in mind. Everyone wins.

But simply having product recommendations no longer helps a retailer stand out as unique. And most of the time, typical product recommendations solutions fall short of customers’ need for a truly contextual, personalized experience.

Today we are excited to announce Monetate Intelligent Recommendations: the only solution that gives merchandisers and digital marketers the power to show contextually relevant product recommendations in real time and across every channel, without burdening IT resources.

Context is everything. And data needs context. Monetate Intelligent Recommendations takes in customer data from all channels in real time and combines it with the parameters that you set, so that you can optimize customer needs and brand priorities using everything you know in that moment—even incorporating digital interactions in other touchpoints. This means that you can deliver the most relevant recommendations possible to every single shopper, increasing average order value, driving higher profits, and helping you build customer loyalty for the long term.

Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why the solution’s powerful, marketer-friendly interface makes it a breeze to put their expertise to best use, by using any combination of manually curated product selection or algorithmically-driven recommendations. Marketers don’t need to rely on IT to drive this powerful tool.

Deliver on your personalization promise. Most importantly, Monetate Intelligent Recommendations allows your brand to deliver on your promise to offer customers the most relevant, personalized experience possible. Only a robust and flexible recommendations solution will be able to deliver the consistency that customers expect, across all touchpoints, so that you can drive the high impact results you need to see.

Monetate Intelligent Recommendations will be available to all Monetate customers in April, 2018. You can learn more about the solution and its capabilities here, or click here to download a datasheet. If you are at #ShopTalk18 this week, find us in booth #3013 or if you are planning to attend #IRX18, we are on stand #H27.