As companies make a shift to customer-centric marketing, the role of the CMO is changing. To help, we’ve decided to start a new video series called CMO Chat.

The series launched earlier this month with our first guest, David Cooperstein, Forrester Research’s Vice President and Practice Leader for CMOs and Marketing Leadership Professionals. Cooperstein started his career more than two decades ago as a research analyst with Booz, Allen & Hamilton and most recently was CMO at Burst Media.

The goal of CMO Chat is to highlight creativity, best practices, interesting tactics, and examples to inform marketing leaders on how to put the customer at the center of their organizations.

“By starting this series, we want to create conversations, demonstrate the challenges, and highlight the successes of CMOs as they strive for better customer engagement, to quantify results, and refine their strategies with an eye on driving better performance,” said Monetate’s own CMO, Kurt Heinemann.

In response to the massive amounts of customer data generated by today’s always-connected consumer, tools and services are now available to help turn that information into actionable insights. The end result is a smarter marketer who understands customers’ needs and engages with them by creating more relevant communications.

“Believe it or not, everything is not on the shoulders of the CMO. They have a network of internal colleagues, data firms, agencies, and others to help uncover the information or figure out ways to get it,” Heinemann says. “CMO Chat was created to show the importance of sifting through the noise and finding the pieces of information that can help answer a question rather than getting lost in all the data and getting trapped down a rabbit hole.”

These videos will cover a wide range of topics such as big data, customer-centric marketing, and other areas related to the evolving role of the CMO. Marketing leaders will share stories on how they are making the customer experience just as critical to their businesses as the products and services their organizations sell.

If you would like to recommend a CMO or marketing leader to participate in CMO Chat, please let us know. Enjoy!