Shopping cart abandonment is a stubborn obstacle to selling online. Companies work hard to reduce their cart abandonment rate, but a percentage of shoppers still slip past. In fact, shopping cart abandonment rates overall are on the rise.

Business Insider reports that $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise was left in abandoned carts in 2016, up from $4.2 trillion in 2013. The fact that the number is growing is extremely discouraging given all of the data we collect about shoppers during their buying journey. But we don’t have to despair. BI Intelligence estimates that about 60% of those lost dollars can be recovered.

Mirroring that complex state of affairs: There’s no single silver bullet for reducing shopping cart abandonment. Those marketers who attack the issue from many angles, creating personalized experiences, using all the information they have about the shopper, yield the best results.

At Monetate, we have a proven track record of helping clients across industries reduce shopping cart abandonment significantly, yielding immediate lifts in conversion and sales. In this infographic, we’ve outlined the most effective usability tips to do so.

For more in-depth analysis, please check out our Ultimate Guide to Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment.

Infographic: Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates
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