It’s mid-July, which means three things:

  • It’s hot.
  • All the big summer movies have already been released.
  • The back-to-school shopping season is quickly approaching its crescendo.

Back-to-school spending is projected to increase to 4.6% year-over-year. And as many as 29% of households with school-age children plan to spend more on school supplies this year.

As we mentioned before, back-to-school shoppers are likely much different than your everyday shoppers. Not only are they goal-oriented and deal-obsessed—their needs change as the season progresses, too. Early in the season, shoppers tend to make their big-ticket purchases such as laptops and scanners. As the first day of school approaches, shoppers start loading up on the necessities such as clothes and supplies.

One ecommerce strategy that can increase conversion rates for back-to-school shoppers is targeted promotions. Since back-to-school shoppers aren’t like your typical visitors, make it easy on them. You could create a personalized experience based on past browsing behavior, making it easier to shop your site. Find out how to do this with Monetate here.

Take this example from the recent L2 Personalization Intelligence Report. American Eagle Outfitters uses product-based cross-promotions to increase average order value. Promotions for belts appear prominently on the product detail pages for shorts and jeans. Retailers of all stripes could benefit from tailored cross-promotions like this. Just focus on making it easier for rushed back-to-school shoppers to spend more with you.

L2 Personalization Report

Find out more about personalized promotions, including examples from Staples, LOFT, and others in the complete L2 Personalization Report. (The section on personalized promotions begins on page 24.)

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