At 35.25%, average bounce rate was nearly 6 percentage points higher at the end of Q1 2015 than it was at the end of Q1 2014.



At $122.65, average order value was down 2.5% year-over-year.



At 2.32%, conversion rates are down from their Q1 2014 level of 2.51%.


The good news: According to our latest Ecommerce Quarterly report, online shopping sessions are up and so are revenue. Companies are just having a harder time converting their customers.

But not all companies are struggling. Some are combining their personalization strategies and merchandising tactics to create online shopping experiences that buck the downward ecommerce trends the industry is seeing right now when it comes to AOV, bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Getting wins in those areas isn’t crazy hard. It’s almost at a level of A-B-C simplicity, and that’s why we focused our attention for EQ1 2015 on merchandising tactics that are moving the needle. Here’s the abridged version: The solution to improving performance with merchandising tactics and product recommendations isn’t just recommending products to your visitors; it’s making relevant recommendations within in a variety of contexts, and using all the data you have to make decisions about the products you show.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting stats we unearthed during our quarterly review of the ecommerce industry:

  • Smartphone traffic now accounts for 20% of all ecommerce traffic. Though not surprising, the growth is no less astounding. At the end of Q1 2014, smartphone traffic accounted for just 13% of ecommerce traffic. And it used to be that both smartphones and tablets were stealing traffic share from desktop PCs. Now, smartphones are taking traffic away from desktop PCs and tablets.

  • UK shoppers are converting at higher rates. While our stats show that conversion rates are down year-over-year, online shoppers in the UK are actually converting at higher rates than they were this time last year. That goes for all devices, too. Desktop PC conversion rates ended the quarter at 3.69% (up from 3.27%), while conversion rates on tablet were up to 2.84% from 2.5%, and conversion rates on smartphones were up to 1.31% from 0.81%.

  • Mobile attention spans are getting longer. Though shoppers haven’t exactly gotten around to the idea of shopping on their smartphones (at least not compared to desktop PCs and tablets), they do have an increased tolerance for browsing on their smartphones. Since Q1 2014, average page views per session on smartphones have jumped from 5.16 to 7.61 in the US. In the UK, the change is even more pronounced: Smartphone shoppers were hitting, on average, 9.78 pages per session in Q1 2015 (up from 5.85 pages per session in Q1 2014).

Monetate EQ1 2015

If you haven’t clicked to read the latest EQ report, you really should. There’s great stuff in it about how brands like Microsoft completely revamped an entire landing page experience for people who previously bought one of their flagship products. It’s the perfect illustration of personalization plus merchandising done right.

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