Bryan Eisenberg

No roundup of advice on how to improve online conversion, sales, and customer experience this holiday season would be complete without the ecommerce stylings of Bryan Eisenberg. Partner at Eisenberg Brothers & Associates, best-selling author, and widely recognized as one of the pioneers in conversion rate optimization—not to mention, a Monetate Strategic Advisory Board member for all the above reasons—Bryan zeroes in on the top challenges and opportunities this holiday season.

Q: What is one of the biggest ecommerce trends we’ll see during the holidays?

A: Omnichannel marketing. Stop thinking of multichannel and having different channels. Instead, think of customers crossing channels to interact with your brand. Mobile, tablet, and PC are just ways for them to interact.

Q: What is the most important thing an ecommerce business can do this season to improve conversions?

A: Manage the consistency across the channels. Companies must integrate the silos to be most effective.

Q: How can ecommerce companies support consumers shopping across multiple devices?

A: By keeping campaigns consistent across channels, but varying tactics across devices, companies can get the most out of their holiday campaigns. Understand and leverage each device’s unique values to reduce friction in the shopping process.

Q: What is a good campaign to run during the holidays that many ecommerce companies still seem to overlook?

A: Not enough companies focus on messaging around customers’ shopping early but returning late for holiday gifting purposes. Most companies are set on their traditional return policies, but they can benefit from having a unique holiday season policy.

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