When it was first discovered more than 2000 years ago, chocolate wasn’t so sweet. Instead of adding sugar and butter to create a dessert, the Mayans mixed cacao bean paste with water and chile peppers to make a chocolate drink with some kick.

Fast forward to 1926 and the birth of Godiva Chocolatier in Belgium. Instead of using water and chiles, Godiva fine-tuned turning cacao bean paste into fine chocolates.

Over the years, Godiva began to create truffles, ice cream, liqueur, and more, becoming one of the world’s premium chocolate makers with boutiques all over the world. But Godiva didn’t want to stop there. In addition to offering incredible in-store experiences to shoppers, it also wanted to create a premium web experience.

Godiva’s challenge: Figuring out how to blow website visitors away with a personalized experience that would be second to none. So how did Godiva leverage its knowledge of website visitors to become a leading omnichannel retailer?

You can find out the answer to that question in this free customer story, Godiva: Delivering the Wow! Factor. But we’ll give you a sneak peek at three ways the retailer stepped up its web game:

1. Personalizing the website for each audience. Godiva identified two specific online traffic segments – new vs. returning visitors—and began offering both audiences different features and content.

2. Testing constantly. The chocolatier made website testing a priority, and is now running 60 simultaneous campaigns. With the results of those tests in hand, Godiva is able to respond to visitor behavior, testing new features and implementing them if shoppers respond positively.

3. Exploring presentation. One of Godiva’s focuses from the start was product views. So the company tested offering multiple views of its sweet treats. The incredible results of this test gave Godiva the ability to decide whether the feature was worth implementing.

Want to find out the results of Godiva’s efforts and how the chocolatier tested and implemented the features to create a first-class website experience? It’s all in our customer story, Godiva: Delivering the Wow! Factor.