Remember that time (last Thursday) we said, “Spot the interesting trend there? AOV dipped slightly across mobile devices [in Q1], but actually inched up a tad for shoppers using desktop PCs”?

We have another interesting trend for you to ponder. Take a look at this chart down yonder:

bounce rates q1 2015

Bounce rates went from 29 percentage points in Q1 2014, up to 35 points in 2015.

Let’s get a little more granular here:

Desktop PC bounce rates:
Q1 2014: 27.6%
Q1 2015: 35.4%

So, according to our latest Ecommerce Quarterly (EQ) report, desktop users are spending more per order, but they’re leaving sites at a higher rate than in Q1 2014.

What the heck is going on?

One theory (and I stress, theory), is that shoppers simply feel more comfortable making big purchases when they have more screen real estate. I can relate to that. It feels easier and more complete, somehow, to browse and make big decisions on my laptop. Maybe it’s the larger screen. The familiarity. The ability to more easily compare prices via browser tabs.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Check out EQ1 2015 for more ecommerce benchmarks and thoughts about this interesting trend, and to find out how a Monetate customer, Microsoft, recently achieved 35% drop in bounce rate and 10% increase in add-to-cart rate.

Monetate EQ1 2015

What do you think? Are increasing bounce rates a constant, independent of device type? Is there something to the increase in desktop AOV? What have you tried to reduce bounce rate? Let us know.