Last week, at our 4th Annual Monetate Summit event, we announced a number of amazing platform enhancements, planned for both the present and very near future. Among them:

Tesla Model S

  • An integration with LiveRamp for onboarding first-party data;
  • A dynamic content creator;
  • Email triggers;
  • Intelligent display campaigns;
  • A new interface that ties campaigns and business goals together; and
  • A new builder for configuring custom events.

But the new capability that excites me the most, hands down, is our new builder for defining custom audience segments. We call it TargetBuilder, and it enables marketers—through nothing more than point-and-click selections—to build segments around JS variables, elements exposed in the DOM, and even information contained in a first-party cookie.

In our demonstration video, we showed how TargetBuilder can be used to identify Tesla drivers (based on the unique user agent of the Model s web browser) and deliver relevant experiences to them based on everything from their location, current and forecasted weather conditions, and more.

You can see how we did this in the video below:

Cool, right?

You’re probably saying to yourself, “That’s a small segment of just 25,000 drivers, and an even smaller group that’s actually using their web browsers.” You’d be right about that, but the same was probably said about the world’s first 25,000 people who had Internet on their phones.

The “Age of Connected Cars” is here, and in addition to the Model S, Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Open Automotive Alliance presage a new era Internet-enabled cars. And with the Monetate TargetBuilder, you can be inside each one.