Q2 was a pretty solid quarter overall.

Key metrics, like conversion rate and average order value, made slight year-over-year improvements (up 2.6% and 1.5%, respectively) and made stronger month-over-month improvements (9% and 3.4%, respectively).

Some of the most eye-catching stuff we saw last quarter was how our customers beat those averages with campaigns that leveraged the data they gathered offline. You’ll need to grab the latest EQ to read those stories, but here are a few additional nuggets we thought were worth sharing.

1. The tablet decline continues.
Economists and market watchers have been discussing the decline of tablet sales for, well, at least a year now.

For the last few quarters, we’ve noticed that smartphones have taken a chunk out of tablet traffic share, but this quarter we noticed that, year over year, tablet average order value has declined. So, we dug deeper.

What we found was that tablet shoppers, though still 16% of the market, aren’t growing their engagement at nearly the same rate as smartphone shoppers. Their sessions are still more valuable, but those who opt for browsing on their smartphone seem to be catching up. They’re spending nearly as much time on site. The trick, however, is getting those individuals to stick around. Smartphone shoppers still bounce at a far higher rate than tablet shoppers: 40% to 28%.

2. Social commerce is more than just a buzz phrase.
“Buy” buttons are super hot on social media right now, but there’s long been a question as to whether social traffic can actually turn into paying traffic. The answer seems to be yes.

Since Q4 2014, average AOV from social referrers has held steady at $108. And, when those shoppers are on desktops, conversion rates have only experienced a slight dip from 2.2% to 2%. Traffic, meanwhile, is up 50% year-over-year.


3. UK shoppers love their smartphones.
Many British shoppers are still without 4G coverage for their smartphones, but that isn’t slowing them down when it comes to embracing the devices for shopping purposes.

Since Q2 2014, smartphones have completely upended the ecommerce market. The percentage of ecommerce traffic originating from smartphones jumped from 18.26% to 30.54% during that time and conversion rates skyrocketed from .56% to 1.5%. Average order values, meanwhile, jumped from $63.55 to $94.15.

If you like what you’re reading, we do suggest you check out the latest EQ. It’s chock-full of good stats and even better stories about how personalization can help drive your business.

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