Get your copy of the just-released Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly report for Q1 2016.

We take a deep look into wherewhen, and on what people are shopping. We came across some really interesting insights, including:

  • 42% of all purchases happen within the first 60 minutes of a shopping session
  • When a shopper starts browsing on one device, they usually convert there. But that depends on the starting platform:
    • When browsing starts on desktop, 99% of those purchases occur on desktop.
    • When browsing starts on mobile, 64% of those purchases occur on mobile.
    • When browsing starts on a tablet, 84% of those purchases occur on a tablet.
  • The most popular times for shopping on a desktop are from 8am–4pm. During that time frame, desktop’s share of page views never drops below 75% and peaks at 84% (at about 2pm).

For more analysis and actionable insights, download your copy of the Ecommerce Quarterly now:

Ecommerce Quarterly for Q1 2016