What if we could use all the data that we have to improve our email and digital marketing? That’s what this Monetate infographic, “Intelligent Email Marketing That Drives Conversions,” inspires—the idea that responsible data-driven marketing creates amazing subscriber and visitor experiences (scroll down to check out the infographic). So why not tap everything you know to customize the experiences you push out as messaging? (Without being creepy, of course!)

No marketer wants to send out boring, ill-timed, or poorly formatted messages. Yet, we often do because we don’t take the time to use the data we have. We may honestly think that what we send has universal appeal. We may think, “Everyone loves a sale!” Or, “Our bestsellers make the best gifts!” Yet, we know from response rates that segmented messaging—across channels—has a greater impact.

In the end, consumers (and our sales figures) win when we use the data we have to customize offers not just by the segment (e.g., men, under 40, live in NY, and drive a BMW), but by their behaviors and actions. That way we find out that men usually buy perfume, although women wear it. And that single aunts buy children’s books, even though they are not parents. In fact, consumers (and the economy) benefit when we use data responsibly to create custom and timely offers.

Every email and digital marketer has access to some data, and some automation tools.  Use what you have to get started or move further down the path of truly understanding your customers’ needs—and then create great email experiences that engage your community with your brand.

Intelligent Email Marketing That Drives Conversions: Infographic



Stephanie A. Miller is Vice President of Member Relations at The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), an international trade association that advocates for responsible data-driven marketing. A respected voice in the online marketing community, Stephanie has held executive-level positions at digital marketing services brands Aprimo and Return Path, in addition to her work as co-chair of the Email Experience Council. You can follow her @StephanieSAM.