Email acquisition campaigns work for websites in a number of ways. As most marketers know, visitors typically don’t make purchases on their first visit, so acquiring their email addresses is a key part of using follow-up communications to keep a brand top of mind until it’s time to convert.

As we’ve covered before, making email acquisition efforts more prominent is a great way to increase sign-ups. But websites can take their email efforts one step further by using a lightbox.


When visitors come to your website, consider serving up a lightbox that asks them to sign up for your emails, and offers something in exchange for their email. Messaging that lets visitors know that providing their email address will lead to exclusive sales and promotions, for example, is a key motivator.

Prominently placing this lightbox makes the sign-up request unavoidable and ensures it will be seen. If you decide to test this method, however, just make sure there’s a small X somewhere on the lightbox so visitors can close it if they choose to. Remember: Sign-up offers should be prominent, but never make visitors feel like they are trapped or stuck.

Email Chalkboard image courtesy of Shutterstock.