For most websites, every email address acquired from visitors translates to a boost in revenue. That means customizing, testing, and optimizing email acquisition campaigns can have a huge impact on the number of email sign-ups, and the company’s bottom line.

But most website are far too shy about asking for visitors’ email addresses, burying their sign-up requests at the bottom of the page. In most cases, this strategy is leading to low sign-up rates, and as a result, the company is leaving money on the table.

Since an email acquisition box isn’t something visitors spend time hunting for on a website, it’s important to make it immediately visible.

One way to do just that: Create a more prominent sign-up request that sits above the fold, and extends the length of the navigation bar.


Also, be sure to use clear language to attract the right visitors. For instance, “New to ______? Sign up here for special deals and info on your favorite brands.”

This prominent placement, combined with hard-to-resist incentives, can turn a so-so email acquisition campaign into a home run that increases sign-ups, as well as revenue.