In order to create an email acquisition campaign that yields powerful results, it’s critical to factor in the needs of visitors in order to increase the odds they will sign up.

But that’s a bit of a catch-22 for websites, as most visitors don’t want their inbox flooded with email offers and updates from companies. So what’s the best way to balance what visitors want with the needs of marketers?

One option: Allow visitors to choose which updates they receive when they sign up for an email list. For instance, Zappos asks visitors which brands they would like updates on.

email acquisition_brand segment

While Zappos chose to focus on brands, websites could also offer visitors the chance to select the specific offers and news updates they want to receive.

This strategy alleviates visitors’ fear that their inboxes will be bombarded with offers if they sign up, and increases the chance they will share their email addresses. Second, it gives marketers the ability to target visitors based on their interests, which provides a valuable segmenting opportunity.

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