When it comes to email acquisition campaigns, there are two overarching considerations that should factor into planning and execution:

1. The format of the sign-up feature.

2. The incentives used to inspire action.

We’ve already covered two formats worth testing (navigation bar and lightbox), but the options don’t stop there. For some websites, those two placements might not maximize the number of sign-ups. So it’s worth testing another format.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 10.13.08 AM

Slide-up email acquisition requests are less common, but often just as effective in the right context. Slide-up requests address a few issues that might make navigation bar and lightbox methods problematic. For instance, an above-the-fold approach might not work if visitors lose sight of the request when they scroll below the fold.

Since one approach won’t work for every website, test a bottom slide-up that invites visitors to enter their email addresses in order to claim a discount.

This tactic, as shown above, solves two possible issues. First, as visitors scroll down the page, the sign-up bar remains at the bottom of the screen until they provide their email address or choose to close the box. Second, it offers a discount, the kind of incentive that’s hard for visitors to refuse.

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Email Chalkboard image courtesy of Shutterstock.