econsultancy-logo170Just before the holidays, Tnooz gifted its readers with a roundup of predictions for 2013 from the top players in the travel and hospitality industry.

Last week, more predictions arrived as Econsultancy’s CEO, Ashley Friedlein, released his 2013 ecommerce trends. Friedlein makes 17 predictions for the new year, and while all of them are solid, here are three major ones everyone should pay attention to.

1. Optimized Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

“We need to deliver outstanding customer experiences across all channels and touch points,” says Friedlein. “And integrating online and offline, whilst not a new topic, is still a big, complex journey for most companies.”

Friedlein points to opportunities like showrooming, QR codes, and “intelligent environments” that will help companies create online and offline experiences that get customers to convert. It might be a long, hard road for some companies, but it’s going to be necessary to stay competitive.”

2. Personalization

Friedlein notes that there’s “increasing evidence that [customers] now have far too much choice and actually crave… better and more relevant information and services.”

Friedlein says we must create and deliver online experiences that are personalized just enough to feel magical, making things “easier and more enjoyable” for website visitors.

3. Interactive Design & User Experience

Thanks to a slew of new devices, customer behavior is changing at a rapid pace—a trend we documented in our last Ecommerce Quarterly. Econsultancy points out that these new devices have created new challenges for most companies, which are still working to improve their mobile and tablet offerings. And those new devices are also making it harder to focus on responsive design.

Friedlein says responsive design should go beyond focusing on different devices, and instead help support the idea that the experience across all channels is responsive to what customers want during their journey with your brand.

Friedlein has a bevy of other predictions to read through. And if you want to prepare for 2013, we can’t think of a better place to start.