Country Attire is a nearly 200-year-old British fashion brand. Their company story begins with a foodie with a secret obsession. As they tell it in their own words:

Our story starts with the birth of Country Attire co-founder Jenny’s great, great, grandfather John Cheetham. A grocer by trade, John harbored a secret passion for hats. Over the years, his grocery business flourished, and by 1870 he realized a lifelong dream and set up a successful hatting business—a factory and retail emporium in Hyde, Greater Manchester.

Turns out, his hat business flourished, too. They produced top hats, bowlers, caps, and more all across Britain. Today, Country Attire is a global purveyor of British style; a mix of classic design infused with a contemporary point-of-view. In addition to their own fashion line, the Country Attire website offers products from 120+ designers and brands.

As a global ecommerce brand, Country Attire aims to deliver a convenient shopping experience to every customer, regardless of their physical location.

And it’s the right thing to do.

Shoppers don’t care where your business is. Or what holds you back from offering international shipping. They just want to shop. So why make that harder for them? Especially since there are so many easy ways to do geotargeted marketing.

As a fashion retailer, Country Attire felt that personalization was a particularly smart investment, since consumers have a wide range of individual styles and choices. They target different countries with free international shipping. They also promote different individual promotions or creative assets for different countries. They’re all about testing what works for whom, then optimizing the experience for customer satisfaction and conversions.

“Personalization provides us with a point of differentiation, allowing us to punch above our weight in a crowded online marketplace,” said Jenny Parker, Country Attire’s marketing director. “Our aim is to provide a unique online service akin to a personal shopper on the high street.”

Geo-personalization boosts key ecommerce business metrics, too

Country Attire enjoyed the following results during the time in which the geo-targeted campaign was running:

  • Increase: website revenue per session by 32%
  • Increase: conversion rates by 28%
  • Increase: time on site and page views
  • Decrease: bounce rate and cart abandonment rates