CMSWire recently posted a great writeup about a recent Accenture Interactive report. The name of the post: Many marketers still struggle to master personalization.

The crux of the findings from the Accenture report are:

  1. Personalization is often not relevant enough
  2. Customers expect and respond well to personalization
  3. Most marketers are “falling significantly short”

Part of this shortfall comes from technical inefficiencies. As CMSWire said in their post:

“Marketers need to analyze data from multiple sources and use the findings to create relevant, personalized messages. It takes work: persona-building, segment-building, gathering data on which offers historically [perform well], and knowing what segments will be targeted for which particular content.”

We think there’s a better way.

Traditional segmentation and rules-based personalization just doesn’t scale. To achieve true scalable personalization, you need the help of machine learning and the ability to deliver the best experience, message, and product based on everything you know about every customer.

You need a solution that can give you a unified view of every customer, so you can get an intuitive look into what’s working for them. We think the future of ecommerce personalization will rely on the marketer-led intuition and creativity coupled with machine learning and data-driven insights that automatically optimize performance 24/7.

Part of that future is already here. Dynamic Testing makes small incremental changes throughout the duration of a test and constantly takes action on what it learns. You can learn a lot faster, run more tests, and test more complicated ideas—all with less effort.

As the recent Accenture Interactive report confirms, the demand for personalization is real, and it’s growing. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Dynamic Testing