We recently teamed up with Drapers and Retail Week to survey 200 retailers and brands about ecommerce personalization.

We found that 79% of retail execs say their customers are demanding a more personal interaction with their brand, and 80% consider multichannel personalization the only way to effectively deliver on that promise.

We can all agree that shoppers appreciate a more personal experience. It saves them time and eases the cognitive load of having to find the relevant products for them. But how does personalization work to boost sales? When asked what the main benefits of personalization are to his business, Phil Geary, marketing and ecommerce director at toy retailer The Entertainer, said:

“You can have many different customer personas purchasing the same toy products. Personalization enables us to talk to each persona in the appropriate way. A mother buying Star Wars Lego for her son and a Star Wars Lego collector are very different shoppers, for instance.”

We also found that personalization can be an effective retention strategy, getting customers to come back to you again and again. According to the ecommerce exec of a leading fashion retailer:

“Personalization is a customer engagement concept. We hope to drive loyalty and repeat purchases by targeting consumers in this way. Loyalty is key if we are to cement the brand as a market leader.”

The report also explores:

  • How personalization is changing the ways cross-functional marketing teams conduct their business
  • The changing role of IT
  • How to measure the impact of product recommendations

Download your own copy of the report now: