This won’t be a surprise to regular readers of the Monetate blog: mobile was a big driver of growth during Cyber Week 2016, including Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday.

This post will share some quick highlights from Cyber Week 2016, then more in-depth investigation of the trends, followed by complete Cyber Week benchmark tables. This report is based on our analysis of hundreds of millions of consumer touchpoints across desktop and mobile devices, collected between November 21–28, 2016.

Cyber Week ecommerce performance: highlights

  • Mobile accounted for 22% of retailer’s U.S. revenue during Cyber Week 2016 (up from 8% last year).
  • Average Order Values (AOVs) improved 6.8% across all ecommerce channels YoY
  • AOVs were up 29.4% on smartphones
  • Cyber Monday AOVs were up 6.5% YoY
  • Cyber Monday mobile AOV (smartphones and tablets) were up 34.6%

Changing consumer habits

In a remarkable shift from traditional holiday shopping habits, this year marks the first time that AOV peaked on Thanksgiving Day ($189.07). AOVs were $171.55 on Black Friday and $153.09 on Cyber Monday. Total Cyber Week AOVs—measured across ecommerce channels—were $163.54.

“As we predicted a year ago, mobile is delivering for retailers this season. Mobile performed better than last year from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday in almost every aspect—higher conversion rates, lower cart abandonment, and higher average order values. Meanwhile tablets have underperformed consistently with only one bright spot: higher AOV on Black Friday. Despite the challenge of screen size on mobile, consumers are voting with their dollars for the convenience of a device that is always at hand. The retailers who have optimized their mobile ecommerce experiences are winning this holiday season.”
–Monetate CEO Lucinda Duncalfe

Other key findings from Cyber Week

Buyers show decisiveness:
Add to cart rates were down 15.4% and conversion rates from session-to-purchase were lower across all channels compared to 2015 (down 8.3%). But buyers were more likely to purchase what was placed in their carts on Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, since cart abandon rates were lower than in previous years (down 5.1% across channels). In addition, average order values (AOVs) were higher (up 6.8% across channels). Monetate data also showed patterns of browsing behaviors leading up to Cyber Monday, which resulted in same buyer sales on Monday, indicating that shoppers were approaching Cyber Monday with intent and anticipation of larger discounts.

Bounce rates increase:
The bounce rate for Cyber Week across channels was 34.1%, marking a 4.9% increase over last year.

Canada outspends U.S. and U.K.:
AOVs in Canada averaged $195.91 across ecommerce channels, compared to $163.54 in the U.S. and $131 in the U.K.

Cyber Week performance (overall)

Cyber Week benchmarks

Cyber Week performance (YoY)

Cyber Week YoY Ecommerce Performance

Cyber Monday performance (overall)

Cyber Monday ecommerce benchmarks 2016

Cyber Monday performance (YoY)

Cyber Monday YoY Ecommerce Performance 2016