As commonplace as online shopping has become, many people still need reassurances that they’re making the right decision when buying from a website. Concerns about product and shipping costs, value and/or quality, return policy, warranties, data security, and other services issues can present significant obstacles to closing the sale during checkout.

To round out the Cart Tricks series on shopping cart abandonment, let’s explore a few options for how to tackle these worries. At this stage in the buying cycle, the goal is to maintain the velocity of intent that got shoppers to the cart in the first place, while removing any final obstacles standing between your checkout process and shoppers.

Three ideas to consider:

1. Give third-party reinforcements.

Research shows that 21% of cart abandoners leave when security concerns are unaddressed. Establish trust in your site by posting badges from VeriSign and Better Business Bureau, for example. Credit card logos are important as well, either for boosting or maintaining conversion rates.

A HACKER SAFE rating certification helps ecommerce sites across the board, especially those with larger-than-average order sizes. Its maker, ScanAlert, claims the certification can increase average orders by 15.7%.

Take note of the information-packed bar below, which appears on every page of

cart tricks_addressing FUD #1

If you’ve received media accolades about the quality of your website or online services, as Zappos did from BusinessWeek, this is a good spot for it.

Don’t forget to test alternative placements, as well as logo sizes. In addition, it might be worthwhile to determine which logos have the greatest impact, identifying those you can afford to live without. Another spin on this approach is to consider some basic targeting to show different logos to new versus returning customers.

2. Let customers say it for you.

Testimonials—in which customers provide authentic statements about your quality of service and/or your products’ quality and value—are powerful credibility indicators. Research shows that “feedback forums” are a productive way to increase the amount of usable testimonials your customers give you.

Place these customer endorsements strategically: Testimonials on the right-hand side of your order form are said to increase conversions by up to 30%, and by up to 15% when placed directly beneath your email sign-up box.

3. Provide answers and assurance.

The best marketers anticipate and answer questions customers might have at every stage of the buying process. When you add links, sidebars, or pop-up windows with information about warranties, return policies,  shipping, or satisfaction and safe-shopping guarantees, you’ve provided assurances at the right time and place.

Notice the placement of the “Shop with Confidence” box in the example below.

cart tricks_addressing FUD #2

It’s not accidental. Answers and third-party assurances should sit close to the point of action, like a “Proceed to Checkout” button.

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