Mobile conversion rates are on the rise, but still lag considerably behind what we see on desktops and tablets. A lot of that lag has to do with the simple fact that the population is consuming more and more email through a smartphone.

Email… really?

Yes, really. Email still drives consistent buying traffic to a website. Since your customers are opening more emails on the go, they’re less likely to be in a buying mode. But just because there’s potentially less buying intent in a mobile interaction doesn’t mean we should ignore the channel altogether. When your customers have more choice, each interaction becomes that much more critical.

When one of your customers clicks through a link in an email and the site is impossible to use, it doesn’t matter if your desktop site converts at 10%. Your customers are just never going to see it because of the awful impression you gave them.

An online apparel company used Monetate to optimize conversion for email visitors. They changed email display and design to optimize for mobile devices and targeted messages by device and platform. Their efforts paid off: They saw a 60% boost to the click-through rate.

Here are four tips you can use to improve the mobile experience: