Tailoring the shopping experience to each visitor’s (explicit and implicit) interests and needs is key to improving ecommerce conversion. With plenty of options for customizing site content, it’s hard to pinpoint which exact tactics will blow the doors off your conversion rates and which will barely get it out of the parking lot. Improve your odds of success by taking a page (or two) from this free eBook, The Top 10 Website Testing, Targeting, and Optimization Best Practices. Based on thousands of tests, run on a wide array of ecommerce websites, we identified nearly a dozen best practices that consistently lifted response, including:

  • customer segmentation
  • location-based targeting
  • email acquisition
  • promotion testing
  • time-triggers
  • navigation optimization
  • mobile optimization
  • and shopping cart recovery

What makes these best practices really powerful is that they work for small, mid-size and enterprise-level online retailers. Download your free copy of Top 10 Website Testing, Targeting, and Optimization Best Practices, and start learning how to maximize your website ROI.