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Elegant Technology

An acceleration layer
above the rest.

The Monetate Acceleration Cloud does what every vendor says, but rarely delivers: The ability to translate customer knowledge into marketing actions.

The Monetate Acceleration Cloud sits above—rather than replaces—your existing technology, helping you synchronize data, coordinate programs, and deliver winning experiences to your customers, across any screen, any channel, and in every phase of the relationship.

Say "No" to the Frankencloud

Other companies take a “suite” approach by purchasing—and attempting to integrate—a range of different technologies that share little more than a username and password. Say “No” to the Frankencloud and its disconnected data and uncoordinated programs. The Monetate Acceleration Cloud is developed by a single team and shares a common DNA that enables a single marketer to change anything, anywhere, anytime—all within seconds.

Deep Customer Intelligence

The Monetate Acceleration Cloud helps you know every customer in deeper, more profound ways. It understands past and present behaviors, customer circumstances—such as weather and demographics—and much more. The result is a high-resolution snapshot of your customers that never expires. But best of all, the longer Monetate runs, the smarter it gets, which means you deliver increasingly satisfying customer experiences every single day.

Create & Manage
Experiences with Ease

Define customer segments, create actions, and run unlimited experiences using an intuitive, sentence-based campaign interface that never requires code. Personalize every customer experience with nothing more than simple point-and-click selections. From simple changes to advanced features, it's as easy as answering Who?, What?, When?, and Why?

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