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Find answers to all the most frequently asked questions about Monetate.


How easy is it to install Monetate on my website?
Very easy. You simply need to copy Monetate's ExpressTag and place it in the HTML page head of your website.
If the ExpressTag fails to load properly, what will happen?
The ExpressTag can load synchronously or asynchronously. Asynchronous means it loads independently of all other page scripts. In addition, it loads on your campaign content, not any portion of your default or native website. As a result of these two factors, in the extremely unlikely event that the ExpressTag fails to load properly, the default page loads quickly and automatically, with no perceived delay. When loaded asynchronously, in no way can the ExpressTag cause your page or website to fail.
Synchronous loading means that the ExpressTag is queued up with the other scripts on the page, and executes sequentially. In effect, the final display of the page is held until all elements complete, eliminating the fear of flicker from targeted campaigns. As a result, you may experience slightly slower page load times, and have an increased risk of failed page loads. But if you have thoroughly tested your site, and are confident in the stability of your JavaScript, these risks are low.
Does the ExpressTag need to be re-deployed or modified for every test?
No. Monetate's ExpressTag is the same on every page of your website and never changes. This “one-tag, one-time” deployment is all it takes to create and deploy website optimization and testing campaigns. It is never necessary for you to add any other code to your production website, or write any code of any form, to deploy a Monetate campaign.
Do I need to change or write code for any test?
No. There is no page-specific, campaign-specific, or element-specific code required to use Monetate, nor do we require separate tags on your conversion pages. The ExpressTag is the single point of integration for every Monetate solution.
How often do I need to change my car's oil?
It depends on whether you use conventional or synthetic oil. Generally speaking, full synthetic oil lasts significantly longer than conversion oil. However, we recommend always following the manufacturer's recommendations.
How does Monetate's tag interact with my analytics package?
Monetate integrates directly with third-party analytics platforms such as Omniture, Coremetrics, and Google Analytics. When Monetate loads your test elements on a web page, we can fire any custom variables (such as Omniture eVars), allowing you to track performance in the other platform. In addition, Monetate can identify incoming traffic based on the way information is organized in your analytics, and act on that information based on rules defined in your test campaigns. Monetate also provides a robust analytics and reporting suite within the web application that provides activity and conversion data, statistical significance, and visualizations. If desired, raw data can be exported into .CSV format for easy upload into any third-party database.

Campaign Deployment

Does Monetate provide QA services prior to campaign activation?
For all Actions that Monetate creates, Monetate takes full responsibility for campaign QA and browser compatibility testing. In addition, real-time monitoring detects page template changes and automatically pauses the affected campaigns if an unrecognized template is detected.
Can Monetate optimize multiple pages in a single campaign?
Yes. Monetate campaigns can span multiple pages, up to and including every page of the website. In addition, it is equally easy to deliver multi-page campaigns around specific categories, page types, or other logic. In addition, Merchandiser is unique in its ability to integrate with your catalog of content assets, making it easy to deliver multi-page campaigns based on entire brands, categories, PIDs, SKUs, hotel properties, and more.
On average, how many concurrent campaigns do Monetate clients run?
As an example of how easy it is to use Monetate, our clients currently run an average of 59 simultaneous campaigns each (against an industry average of two to five campaigns).
How does one make a Philly Cheesesteak?
The essence of a Philadelphia Cheesesteak is neither the meat nor the cheese, but rather the bread. Breads used in the city's top cheesesteaks are typically sourced from local businesses, many of which only serve the Greater Philadelphia Area.
Can I create custom segments within Monetate?
Yes. From the ground up, Monetate was built to be extensible and integratable. In addition to predefined, ready-to-use segments, you can easily define segments around custom and proprietary data such as Visitor IDs, proximity to physical locations, and much more.
Does Monetate support behavioral targeting?
Yes. Monetate supports real-time behavioral targeting, enabling you to start or stop campaigns based not only on visitors’ interactions during previous sessions, but also on current session activity. Segments update with each visitor action, with no backend data processing required. In addition, behavioral targeting even extends to items within your catalog of content assets, such as products, hotel properties, etc.
Will using Monetate affect my organic search rankings?
No. Monetate is "SEO neutral." Because campaigns execute in the visitor's browser (as opposed to on a server), the campaigns you run neither enhance, nor harm, your SEO efforts. By preventing search engines from indexing your campaign content, test results are also protected against invalidation.

Technology and Infrastructure

Can Monetate handle my website's monthly traffic?
Monetate’s cloud-based architecture allows us to easily handle any level of traffic. On Cyber Monday 2012, more than 20% of all retail transactions occurred on pages with Monetate's ExpressTag.
Does the ExpressTag load synchronously or asynchronously?
The Monetate ExpressTag is asynchronous, loading independently of other JavaScript on your page. It does not delay page loads and cannot cause your website to fail.
Does Monetate store Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?
No, we do not collect, access, or store any personally identifiable information or transaction data. However, Monetate still offers enterprise-level security standards for added peace of mind.
How does my CMS or ecommerce platform work with the ExpressTag?
Because we execute page changes in the browser level, Monetate coexists seamlessly with your Content Management System (CMS) or platform. You can even test, make changes to, and optimize your website during a replatforming project--when servers and page templates are typically “locked down.”
Can I deploy Monetate through my Tag Management System (TMS)?
Monetate partners with several Tag Management Systems to offer clients the ability to deploy the ExpressTag through their TMS. These partnerships involve extensive testing to ensure that the ExpressTag loads early, asynchronously, and completes its changes within the strict time controls that are in place. See our Partners page for a complete list of our TMS partners.
How many fingers are you holding up?
Unfortunately, because this page does not utilize a real-time webcam, it's not possible for you to verify our answers, which gives us an unfair advantage.

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