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Core Features

Built-in features to drive performance and move your business forward.

Monetate Builder

Seamless campaign management.

With the new Monetate Builder it is now faster and easier to manage campaigns - building actions, targets and events in a unified interface. The enhanced capabilities enable you to:

  • Create site-wide experiences.
  • Define and select audience targets.
  • Track both standard and custom conversion events.


Accelerate your creative output.

Leapfrog creative roadblocks by building targeted assets faster than ever before. Monetate ContentBuilder accelerates creative output by enabling you to build dynamic content, apply it to campaigns, and map it to the right audiences. With ContentBuilder, it's easy to create unlimited variations from just a single image.


Copy and paste is all it takes.

The ExpressTag is the single point-of-integration to test, personalize, merchandise, and measure anything on your website.

Trusted by the highest-performing and most successful businesses on the web, including three sites independently ranked among the fastest on the Internet, the ExpressTag serves relevant experiences at lightning-fast speeds. The result is an intelligent, and seamless, customer experience from click to conversion.


Know every customer through real-time big data.

Build a perpetual, high-resolution picture of every customer, consisting of:

  • Past and present behaviors;
  • Circumstances such as demographics and weather; and
  • Custom and proprietary information.

ShadowCRM intelligently organizes your data, making it available for easy, instant segment creation and real-time action.

Best of all, ShadowCRM data never expires. The longer it runs, the smarter you get, and the more satisfying experiences you deliver.

Sentence-Based Campaign Builder

If you can say it, you can build it.

Marketing tools should work like marketers think. Deliver brilliant online experiences without worrying about how to create or deploy them.

Answer Who?, What?, When?, and Why? using simple point-and-click selections and begin changing, testing, and merchandising anything on your website.

Multipage Campaigns

Move beyond the landing page.

Eliminate the bait-and-switch problem of single-page campaigns.

Guide your visitors. Help them follow the "scent trail" by delivering consistent, coordinated experiences that span your entire website.

It's all accomplished through reusable, code-free actions that require nothing more than answering Who?, What?, When?, and Why?

Performance Analytics

Make better, faster, smarter decisions.

Information isn't insight unless you understand its value. See the dollars and cents behind every campaign with the benefit of:

  • Performance visualizations
  • Raw data access
  • Analytics integration
  • Incremental and projected annual revenue
  • Statistical significance for all KPIs
  • Support for custom metrics
  • A powerful, sentence-based report builder
  • Post-campaign segmentation

And it's all accomplished without adding any new conversion tags to your website.


Create a blueprint of your website to make fast and easy changes.

Monetate is site-aware, understanding the location of every page, page type, and layer. It's what enables you to easily change anything, anywhere, anytime with:

  • Code-free, point-and-click selections, and
  • Reusable actions that work across pages, campaigns, and users.

Product Intelligence

Connect customers with the products they want.

Segment campaigns based on detailed product information such as categories, brands, PIDs, and SKUs.

You can even segment based on highly-granular details such as colors and sizes, or product availability, such as out-of-stock SKUs or a hotel without vacancies.

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