Video Transcription

It’s easy to change, test, and optimize several elements in a campaign that also span multiple pages of your website. And you can also target each campaign to a key business audience.

For example, for first-time visitors to your website, you can Serve a banner with messaging that give them a clear reason to buy from you: such as a “Free Shipping” offer.

In addition, you can swap the homepage hero image based on the inbound ad creative that brought the visitor to your website in the first place.

And you can badge one or more products with a relevant message. In this case, if it’s currently raining where the visitor is, we’ll badge this jacket with “Waterproof.” Depending on the elements that you’re changing, these experiences can span more than one page—up to and including the entire website.

For a returning customer, we can serve a different, more relevant experience leveraging additional information that we know about them. For example, we can add banner that links to your newest content, badge a different set of products that are “On Sale,” and serve a “Welcome Back” offer homepage hero image.

It’s all easy to do, and requires no coding or production website changes.