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Visual Search

Intelligent merchandising that makes the right products easy to find—and buy.

Make products easy for customers to discover with Visual Search results that you can target to key segments, and test to discover what works best for each one. The result: Predictive, more relevant results that show the right products every time.

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Make Products Easy to Discover

Customers can't purchase what they can't find.

On many websites, up to 50% of visitors never reach a Product Detail Page. Traditional text-based search just isn't enough. Visual Search integrates fully with your existing website search engine and product catalog feed, returning relevant, type-ahead results that connect visitors with the products they want.

Targeted Merchandising

Show the right products to the right visitors and watch revenues soar.

It’s not enough to display any product on search results. Your customers want the right ones. Match key audience segments with rules-based merchandising sets that include:

Experience Optimization

Take the next step: Synchronize tactics, target your audience, test for success.

Sync with Recommendations and Badging

Visual Search makes products easy for customers to find, but that's just the first step in delivering a website experience that converts. Build value, drive purchase decisions, and make the right products jump off the page.
Learn more about Monetate Recommendations and Monetate Badging.

Target Search Results

Deliver rules-based search results to different audience segments, such as showing "Best Sellers" to first-time visitors and "New Items" to returning customers. For even deeper relevance, personalize search results based on customer geography, current and forecasted weather, demographics and behaviors, and so much more.
Learn more about Monetate Personalization.

First-time visitors see
Best Sellers

Returning customers see
New Items

Test to See What Works Best

Find out what makes each customer click. Test the size and location of image thumbnails, the title of your search results, and so much more with A/B/n and Multivariate testing capabilities that are as powerful as they are easy to use.
Learn more about Monetate Testing.

Test A

Show text suggestions with
Recommended copy.

Test B

Hide text suggestions with
Just for You copy.

Code-Free Setup

Quickly and easily create Visual Search campaigns using simple point-and-click selections. There's no code to write, no files to install, and no need to replace your existing website search engine.

Lightning Fast Results

For customers, the true cost of doing business is measured in time. Visual Search is delivered through a predictive, type-ahead experience that returns immediate results and updates with each character. Visitors won't need to type entire phrases and wait for a page of irrelevant results to load.

Core Features

Built-in performance features and automation that make all the difference.

The foundation of each Monetate solution is designed to make marketing optimization easier, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible. The underlying DNA of these Core Features is driven by technology, automation, reusability, and a commitment to sophistication through simplicity.

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