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Test more, learn more, earn more.

Easily deploy A/B/n and Multivariate experiences that span multiple pages of your website, and discover what works best for every customer.

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Advanced A/B/n Testing

Reusable and code-free.

Answer four simple questions—Who, What, When, and Why—to create unlimited splits, each with its own Control Group. Test anything, anywhere, anytime to understand exactly what clicks with every customer.

Easy-to-Use Multivariate Testing

And every bit as powerful.

Say goodbye to manual page coding, complex matrices, and time-intensive test creation with a sentence-based interface to quickly build powerful Multivariate tests.

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Multi-Page Experiences

Finally, test entire website experiences, with no limitations.

Test customer experiences that span multiple web pages.
Build tests around various page types, conversion funnels, and even every page of your website.

Performance Analytics

It’s the question that drives every business decision: What clicks with your visitors?

Test results are easy to understand, and include:

  • Ready-to-use performance visualizations
  • Access to raw data
  • A simple, sentence-based report builder
  • No-cost integration with third-party analytics
  • Statistical significance for all KPIs
  • Support for custom metrics
  • And much more

Best of all, it’s accomplished without adding any additional conversion tags to your website.

Learn more about Monetate Performance Analytics.

Test Anything

You can’t test what you can’t see. Monetate’s screen-side architecture acts at the point-of-intersection of all your digital content, including your ecommerce platform, content management or global distribution system, blog, and more. Test anything, anywhere, anytime, including product recommendations, navigation, site search, widgets and site apps, custom code, images and video, and third-party functionality.

Goal-based Auto-Promotion

In online testing, winners and losers aren’t always clear, and marketers often struggle to avoid pushing tests that win on some metrics, but lose on others. It’s a challenge you no longer need to worry about. Turn auto-promotion on or off, select which Key Performance Indicators are most important, and even specify the number of days the test must run before promotion can take place.

Core Features

Built-in performance features and automation that make all the difference.

The foundation of each Monetate solution is designed to make marketing optimization easier, faster, and smarter than you ever thought possible. The underlying DNA of these Core Features is driven by technology, automation, reusability, and a commitment to sophistication through simplicity.

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