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The Power of Prediction

Delivering a winning experience demands more than just the ability to change the website.
It requires insight into what to change, and who to change it for. Monetate Interact helps you discover new and valuable customer segments. By automatically identifying the attributes of over- and under-performing segments, and helping you prioritize the opportunity each one represents, Interact dramatically streamlines the effort required to deliver the right experience to every customer.

Their Behaviors. Your Segments.

Customers navigating your website leave a “scent trail” of their preferences. Their interactions—along with their circumstances—form a rich set of segments, built from each customer's location, demographic profile, weather conditions, device, and much more.

In total, more than one million different combinations of segments allow you to target the right customers with the right experiences that help them win. And using these segments in campaigns is as easy as point, click, select.

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Monetate Personalization

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Knowledge in Three Dimensions

Know the "unknown customer." Unleash the true potential of your personalization program by harnessing the power of more than 20,000 third-party audience segments from the top data exchanges. It's all about choice. Competition breeds it, and Monetate Interact makes it easy to tap into the choices that your customers make across the web—and to take action on it.

Learn more about third-party data with Monetate Interact.

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Monetate LiveAudience

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Responsiveness Reimagined

A responsive design contributes to a great experience, but hardly guarantees one. Indeed, poor experiences are still poor even after you make them responsive.

Monetate Interact is responsive to your customers—and everything about them. From the mobile and tablet devices they use, to the preferences they show (and even the size of their fingers), it's a reimagination of what it means to be responsive.

A Performance of Data

What clicks with your customers? It’s one of the many questions that drive key business choices, and Monetate Interact delivers the answers. Power your decisions, and evaluate your marketing programs faster, with the tools that turn big data into useful data.

  • Ready-to-use performance visualizations
  • Predictive metrics
  • A simple, sentence-based report builder
  • No-cost integration with third-party analytics
  • Statistical significance for all KPIs
  • Support for custom metrics
  • And much more

More Intelligent Recommendations

Today's empowered customers demand intelligent recommendations, but yesterday's technologies have failed to deliver them. Leverage advanced machine learning to help determine what the right experiences are (and put them anywhere on the page with no "box" limitations). But personalization is about the person, not just fancy algorithms. Now, for the first time, you can pair targeted merchandising sets with detailed customer segments, making it easy to deliver the best recommendations to each and every customer. It's the perfect combination of relevance, automation, and control.

Watch the recommendations video. | Get the recommendations data sheet.

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Monetate Recommendations Data Sheet

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Learn More. Earn More.

Discover what "clicks" with every customer. Monetate Interact combines enterprise functionality with ease of use to deliver an A/B and multivariate testing solution like none other
(and one you actually will use). It's a marriage of sophistication and simplicity. The formula that turns significance into confidence. The recipe for a winning experience.

Watch the testing video.

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A Search Experience Like No Other

Customers can’t purchase what they can’t find. But there are no standard ingredients in a winning experience that demands a different recipe for every customer.

Leverage real-time visual search, and target different results to different audience segments, such as “New Items” for your returning customers, and “Top Sellers” for first-time visitors. Test different results against one another, and even determine the incremental revenue that visual search drives to your business.

Watch the REVOLVEClothing customer story.

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Monetate Visual Data Sheet

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