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Monetate Engage

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Engage your customers with relevant, valuable email that deepens your relationships with them and builds lifetime value.

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Increased Loyalty

Loyalty is just one of the many benefits of long-term relationships between a brand and its customers. But while marketers recognize the importance of such relationships, fueling them with relevant experiences has become more difficult and less effective.

Monetate Engage restores relevance to email by helping you determine what experience to send, when to send it, and who to send it to—and to deliver it with ultimate ease. The result is increased engagement, loyalty, and affinity for your brand—not to mention better conversion rates.

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Monetate Engage reimagines the way marketers use email, delivering on the promise of a unique and relevant experience for everyone. That’s because Engage determines a message’s content at the time your customers actually open their email, not a moment before. It’s the start of a deeper, and more engaging, relationship between you and your customers. It’s the start of open-time personalization.

Advanced Triggering that Taps Hidden Opportunity

Delivering a winning experience in email hasn’t always been easy—until now. Monetate’s sentence-based campaign interface makes it easy to identify, and select, high-value customer segments, and to trigger unique and relevant email experiences to them in real time. And best of all, Engage avoids all the complexities that made it virtually impossible to trigger emails in the past.

The Winning Experience…
Even After Click-through

Relevance is a journey, not a destination, and by pairing Monetate Engage with Monetate Interact, relevance extends beyond the Inbox. A synchronized experience from email-to-website, powered by a single, seamless interface, Engage provides the ability to deliver consistent, persistent experiences on your website after click-through. And it’s a win-win for both customers and marketers.

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